Polish-Americans in the Armed Forces Gallery

This gallery celebrates the contributions of Polish Americans to the fight for democracy and freedom by their enlistment in the United States military. We have a number of artifacts donated by Major General Chester E. Gorski of the Massachusetts Army National Guard as well as numerous World War II and Vietnam War memorabilia. These include a gift from Mayor Senecal to the first person to volunteer for service during World War II from Chicopee, World War II compass, canteen, shoe brush, Allied-printed money from Italy, Hawaiian grass skirt sent to his sisters by Frank Bak who was later killed in line of duty. A special place in the gallery is reserved for the trumpet of Frank Robak who was the bugler on USS Houston which was torpedoed by the Japanese in the Pacific. The gallery also boasts the commendation of Frank Robak’s “outstanding service in the line of his profession” signed by Admiral Halsey.