Governing Board

image2Members of The Polish Center of Discovery and Learning’s Board of Directors have generously, graciously, and without hesitation donated their timetheir effort and their finances to support our mission to provide guidance and support materials to schools and other institutions wishing to introduce Polish topics to their students; to offer a variety of workshops, exhibits, concerts, conferences, seminars, films, plays, lectures and other events that focus on the history and cultural traditions of the Polish people in Europe and the United States; and to preserve objects representative of the folk arts and material culture of the Polish people in America.

Executive Director
Mr. Stanislaw “Stas” Radosz

Board of Directors
Chairman: Carl Eger, Jr.
President: Mr. Ronald Lech
Treasurer: Mr. Joseph Pieciak
Secretary: Ms. Helen Vaselacopoulos
President Emeritus: Mr. Joseph M. Topor, Jr.
Mr. Gerald Balut
Mr. Gregory Bernat
Mr. Edward Dzielenski
Mr. Carl Eger, Jr.
Ms. Joanne Gruszkos
Attorney Michael Kogut
Mr. Joseph Kos
Dr. Joan Czaja Marsh, PhD
Mr. Mike Minkos
Attorney Michael Pise
Mr. Jack Sarat, Jr.
Mr. Henry Suski
Ms. Elzbieta Swiercz
Mr. Waclaw Szymczakiewicz

Honorary Directors
Ms. Jane Bielski
Mr. Henry Dziok (deceased)
Mr. Eugene Gorski
Mr. Anthony Krzystofik
Dr. Gladys Midura
Dr. Carla Oleska
Mr. John Olko (deceased)
Mr. John Skibiski
Attorney John Soja
Mr. Carl Stoy (deceased)
Mr. Walter Wrzesien (deceased)