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I do Technical stuff for the Polish Center.

Welcome To The New Polish Center Website

Hello everyone and welcome to the Polish Centers New website. If you’ve been following our Facebook postings, this website might not seem so new. This is because we have been actively using and developing since December. What is new is that this site is now what people will see when they go

In addition to having our blog, this new site also contains a permanent exhibits section, set up by the great Marcin Marszalek . This section features descriptions and some pictures of our permanent exhibits here at the Polish Center. I encourage you to poke around a little and check out some of our recent blog posts.

For those of you who are nostalgic for our old website you can still find it at .

Have fun.



The New Polish Center website

Welcome to the beta of the new Polish Center website. In this inaugural blog post I will be covering why we are updating the web site and what we are hoping to accomplish by doing so.

The old website is not the easiest to update as it requires someone of technical skill to do so. This has created the problem of the old website being updated infrequently and often having outdated information and old events listed. The new website is powered by a piece of software called WordPress. WordPress is a Free Open Source website and blog system. Using WordPress over our current system allows a person with the most minimal of technical skills the ability to update, contribute, and maintain the website.

By having a website that is easier to update and maintain, we are planning to gain better out-reach and a stronger digital presence. We will be doing this by maintaining a Polish Center blog and a more up to date and accessible calendar of events. By having an active blog we will be able to share not only what the center is up to but also history, articles and news about the contributions of Poland and Polish people around the world. Second, by having a more up to date calendar we will be able to better inform the public of activities and events that the people can join at the Polish Center.

So be sure to check back here frequently for updates, news and blog posts about all the happenings at the Polish Center! Also, if you haven’t, be sure to like us on Facebook!